Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious problem. If you thought that people with drug and alcohol dependency issues don’t hold down jobs, this isn’t the case. Millions of Americans with addiction issues go to work. However, using has negative consequences that impact their ability to be productive and safe. Impaired judgment and a higher chance of conflict among colleagues are just two effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Often times before high functioning addicts need to see a partial hospitalization program to properly detox and recover from the vices from addiction.   How Substance Abuse in the Workplace Impacts Everyone  Drug testing is designed to root out employees with substance abuse issues, but not every company does this routinely. While you may suspect that someone has a drug and alcohol problem, many people are able to hide it from their coworkers and supervisor. If a colleague often has money issues, complains about her relationships, and is frequently absent for vague reasons, drug and alcohol abuse may be to blame.  The types of problems that can stem from substance abuse in the workplace include: 
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Diminished job performance
  • High turnover rate
  • Higher incidence of accidents
  • Illicit activity, including selling drugs
  • Low morale
Drinking as Part of the Job  Substance abuse in the workplace isn’t always frowned upon. While you may not drink while on the clock, people in certain professions routinely drink as part of the job. They may work in sales or finance. Entertaining clients is in their job description. As a result, some of their job-related obligations may take place in restaurants and bars.  It’s not uncommon for men and women in high-pressure careers to drink heavily. Their colleagues often do the same, leading them to believe it’s normal. However, some of them end up with a dependency on alcohol that comes with serious consequences. They may be what’s known as “high-functioning alcoholics,” but they need the same type of treatment that anyone with addiction does.  Discover the Underlying Issues to Help You Recover  The high-quality alcohol rehab center Jacksonville FL offers can help you reinvent your life. You will have access to 12 step rehab as well as other programs designed to heal you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  You can find a treatment programs that compliment rehab such as:   Featuring small group settings and a secluded, peaceful environment, the best Jacksonville addiction treatment center gives you the chance to heal and recover.