therapy group meets at addiction rehab centerAddiction rehab centers provide vital services to people who are looking to overcome a substance abuse disorder. Specialties vary across the industry, with some addiction rehab centers focusing on specific addictions and some offering gender-specific programs. Whatever their programmatic offerings, their structures and services largely fit into either an inpatient or outpatient care structure.

One common misconception about addiction rehab is that patients cannot leave during treatment. In fact, the opposite is true. Nothing about addiction rehab is compulsory. Treatment is most effective when patients desire to heal and see their success as a partnership between themselves and their medical providers.

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Life Transformation Through Rehab

Addiction rehab center programs are designed to treat a range of addictions. The most commonly treated addictions include:

  • Alcohol
  • Painkillers
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Benzos

Addictions are typically treated through a combination of therapy and medication. A primary focus of therapy is identifying triggers and root causes of drug abuse. Habits and lifestyle choices may also need to be altered during treatment to best support getting sober. Certain addictions at times call for medication-assisted therapy. For instance, methadone is used to combat heroin addiction.

The goal of rehab is sobriety. But it is also more than that. Rehab programs aim to transform lives through an integrated, holistic approach that recognizes the way that addiction’s impacts ripple through a person’s life and relationships.

Support and accountability are key to maintaining sobriety. Rehab centers work with patients to address interpersonal issues that hold them back. That could look like ending toxic relationships that fueled the addiction or else repairing family bonds that have been damaged in the course of an addiction. Programs tend to include family and group therapy.

What to Look for in an Addiction Rehab Center

Regardless of the addiction in question, quality addiction rehab programs should include the following components.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Therapy is the foundation of addiction recovery. Addiction rehab programs should offer a wide range of therapies that can be mixed and matched to provide customized treatment plans to best meet each patients’ needs. Evidence-based therapies for treating addiction include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management, dialectical behavioral therapy, and holistic therapies such as art and music therapy.

Experienced Staff and Program Accreditation

Program websites should clearly list staff and showcase staff experience and specializations. Moreover, high-quality addiction rehab centers have accreditation or certifications from national governing bodies that will be displayed on their websites.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

Mental health and addiction occur together at high rates. People who struggle with a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder are said to have a dual diagnosis. Modern rehab understands the confluence of these disorders and works to treat them simultaneously. It is a serious red flag for addiction rehab centers if they do not provide dual diagnosis treatment due to the commonality of co-occurring disorders. Trying to treat addiction in isolation from mental health has long been disproven as a viable method.

Aftercare Planning

Quality addiction treatment doesn’t stop when patients leave a facility. In truth, that is, in some ways, just the beginning. Managing addiction is a long-term commitment that requires constant vigilance. Look for clear indications that aftercare planning and relapse prevention are serious components of what a rehab center offers. They may not be able to guarantee relapse avoidance, but they should at least equip patients with the skills and knowledge to navigate independent life post-rehab.

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