Could your daughter benefit from women’s substance abuse treatment? For parents who have an older teen or young adult or even a fully grown adult daughter, recognizing the need for addiction treatment can be devastating. Right now, it may feel that there is no way through this addiction and its impact. Yet, that’s rarely the case. Many women of all ages can see improvement, healing, and recovery, especially when care is received soon.

When Is Addiction Treatment Beneficial?

Drugs and alcohol change the function of the brain. When a drug like an opioid is used, it stimulates the central nervous system, leading to euphoric feelings. This feels good, which directly leads to the ongoing need to use more of the drug. Dependence forms, making it hard for a person to stop using that substance. At this point, addiction treatment becomes critical. A women’s rehab center may be the ideal way to help your daughter.

Signs Your Daughter Needs Addiction Treatment

For parents looking into a loved one’s life, it’s hard to know exactly what is happening, especially for young adults. Yet, there are some signs that your loved one needs help.
  1. Increasing isolation and lack of engagement. Many women who engage in drug use pull away from family and friends. They stop engaging in activities that are meaningful to them. They also find themselves unable to enjoy things that brought happiness before.
  2. Withdrawal symptoms occur. When a person doesn’t get access to the drug, they develop withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, and mood swings. This can lead to extreme agitation and trouble focusing.
  3. Changes in physical appearance are evident. It’s also common for a person to seem to change physically. This may include weight loss that’s not planned, skin condition changes, lack of personal hygiene, and red eyes.
  4. Behavior changes occur increasingly. Engaging in increasingly risky behavior, struggling with relationships, and lacking the ability to complete responsibilities normally also occurs. Many women are also facing financial trouble as a result of their use.
  Look for signs that your loved one needs help. Are they using drugs and alcohol at an increasing rate? Does your daughter seem to be hiding her emotions or struggling with mental health disorders? In many cases, women also use drugs as a way to hide the trauma they’ve experienced at some point in their lives.  

What to Do When Addiction Treatment Is Necessary

  The good news is help is available for your daughter. Substance abuse treatment programs can be beneficial in guiding your loved one to recovery. Some of the ways they can help include:
  • Breaking the physical and mental dependence drugs create, allowing them to stop using without cravings.
  • Restoring nutrition and overall physical health.
  • Working through challenges, trauma, or stress that often cause addiction.
  • Rebuilding confidence and self-worth through therapy.
  • Healing families and other relationships in a meaningful manner.
  If you suspect your daughter needs help, reach out and ask what’s going on without any accusation. Addiction is a disease much like any other. With support and guidance, improvements can happen. Provide a way forward for your child. That may include helping them to find addiction treatment programs that can provide gender-specific care for their needs. This can start with a detox treatment program and progress into a residential treatment program. Over time, they will gain confidence while her brain heals and mental health disorders are managed effectively.

Ready to Get Help? Reach Out Now

No matter what you suspect, recognize that addiction treatment can be important to long-term health and wellbeing. Without it, a person may struggle to maintain their health. Turn to a treatment center that offers comprehensive care and support today. Originally posted: https://www.beachesrecovery.com/