Alcohol causes people to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t act when they are sober. When someone is intoxicated, they may try to hide how much they have been drinking. For instance, an alcoholic may attempt to disguise their drinking to avoid going to an alcohol addiction rehab program in Texas. For this reason, it is vital to recognize the signs of alcohol use. Alcohol affects people in different ways. They may talk louder or have slurred speech, reduced mobility, or appear to be nervous when they talk. While one sign of drinking is not enough to suspect someone, a combination of signs of alcohol use can be telling. Below are common symptoms that a person has been drinking.

Overall Appearance

Someone who is intoxicated may exhibit an appearance that leads you to believe they’re not acting normal. If a drunk person is trying to disguise their drinking, they may have a nervous tick like rubbing their hands, hair, or face. They may take frequent trips to the bathroom or move their eye around involuntarily. Last, they may smell like alcohol.

Poor Coordination

One of the most common signs of alcoholism is a lack of coordination. A person who drinks too much may slur or speak in incomplete sentences when talking. They may fumble around trying to find their keys, wallet, or jacket. To keep standing, the individual may lean against supporting structure or stand with their feet wide apart. They may have a difficult time walking, and will often stumble or fall to the ground.

Slow Reflexes

Alcohol can affect a person’s motor skills, causing delayed or slow reactions. The person may move deliberately but slowly, calculating each move before they make it. If you ask them a question, it may take them a few seconds to think about the answer. They may also exhibit clumsy behavior, such as spilling a drink or swerving while they are driving.

Lack of Good Judgment or Common Sense

Alcohol addiction treatment in Texas often teaches clients the correlation between drinking and poor judgment. Therapists discuss how alcohol causes a person to lose their inhibitions, putting themselves in dangerous situations. When a person lacks judgment, they may become easily excitable, speak loudly, use profanity, or start laughing uncontrollably for no reason. A perfectly rational person can lose all sense of judgment when drinking.

Reduced or Blurred Vision

Drinking can affect all of the senses, including causing someone to have distorted or poor vision. A person who has been drinking may experience watery or red eyes, droopy eyelids, double vision, or squinting. They may try to close one eye, rub their eyes, or open their eyes wide to compensate for their poor eyesight. Poor vision is what often leads to accidents on and off the road. 

Treatment for Signs of Alcohol Use

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, an alcohol detox center in Texas offers comprehensive care that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare. You can get the help you need to stop drinking and stay sober for life. Now is the time to know the signs of alcohol use and get on the road to recovery.