Unlike most other illnesses, being diagnosed with a substance use disorder is not always a straightforward process. This is because different people have different reactions to the substances they use. Some people who have a substance use disorder might not show any obvious addiction symptoms. Drug or alcohol assessments allow specialists to diagnose substance use problems and develop treatment plans. In this sense, they offer an enormous advantage for individuals struggling with substance use problems. The difficulty, however, can be how to find them.  If you or someone close to you is battling addiction and could benefit from addiction assessment in FL, don’t hesitate. Reach out to 7 Summit Pathways online today or call our addiction specialists at . 

What Are Drug or Alcohol Assessments? 

Drug or alcohol assessments are thorough evaluations designed to establish the presence of a diagnosable substance use disorder. The results are then used to determine the treatment option that will offer the patient the best chances of recovery. These assessments are used for various purposes, such as: 
  • Determining the presence of a substance use disorder 
  • Assessing the level or extent of your addiction 
  • Assessing the effects substance use is having on your life 
  • Determining if there are co-occurring conditions such as mental or physical health concerns 
  • Enabling the developing of a treatment plan specific to your needs 

Who Needs Addiction Assessments in FL? 

One important occasion on which you need a drug or alcohol assessment is when you are checking into a treatment facility. The addiction assessment provides the facility’s treatment staff a perspective into your situation and reveals any unique concerns. Another scenario is when it is ordered by a court of law and is administered by a state-certified agency. Some of the criminal charges that could require drug or alcohol assessments include public intoxication, DUIs, or drug possession. 

What to Expect During Drug or Alcohol Assessments 

Usually, addiction assessments are performed by a therapist, counselor, doctor, or psychiatrist. During your evaluation, you will undergo a diagnostic interview. The interviewer will review the screening results, asking questions to get a more definitive picture of your substance use disorder.  There are two widely used assessment tools. These are the diagnostic interview schedule-IV and the addiction severity index.  The diagnostic interview schedule-IV is a structured questionnaire used to determine whether a diagnosis is present according to the mental disorders diagnostic and statistical manual. The addiction severity index is a semi-structured interview used to assess drug use and your medical, legal, family or social, and psychiatric status. This tool looks at your drug or alcohol use over the preceding thirty days, and the implications continued use could have in your lifetime. 

Where to Find Addiction Assessments in FL 

If you need addiction assessments in FL, there are several options available to you. The most recommended place for you to find an addiction assessment is an addiction treatment center. Several facilities offer outpatient counseling services, for instance. A significant advantage of having your assessment done in a rehab center is access to qualified professionals. Also, if a substance use disorder is discovered to be present, they can provide you with treatment solutions to promptly get you on the road to recovery.  Alternatively, you also have the option of online assessments. Online assessments are quick, convenient, free, and can be done anonymously. However, online addiction assessments are used more for general information, and you should still seek in-person clinical evaluation even after completing them. 

Seeking Treatment After Your Drug or Alcohol Assessments 

Though you might be hesitant about seeking an addiction assessment, it is entirely for your benefit. The sooner a substance use disorder is discovered, the sooner you can begin treatment. At 7 Summit Pathways, we have various treatment options, such as:  Using results from your drug or alcohol assessments, our dedicated staff can tailor your addiction treatment to your specific needs. Don’t allow substance use to continue to affect your life negatively. Contact 7 Summit Pathways at today.