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An alcohol rehab center helps thousands of people who struggle with addiction to alcohol every year. Alcohol addiction affects each person in unique ways, and some will be more susceptible to addiction than others. Family history of addiction or mental health issues, peer and societal pressure, and work or school performance can all increase the desire for alcohol and lead to an addiction. If this happens, enrolling in an alcohol addiction treatment program gives individuals the best chance of reaching their goal of lifelong sobriety.  An alcohol rehab program can give men and women a real chance at breaking their addiction and creating healthy habits for a productive and sober life. The program teaches individuals the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how addiction can consume them and cause permanent brain damage and other life-threatening illnesses. To discover all of the benefits of enrolling in an alcohol rehab center, find a center near you today and give them a call. 

Supporting a Loved One Enrolled in an Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol addiction can be very devastating to both individuals and their families. Loved ones of those in recovery can support them through the recovery process by allowing them to proceed at their own pace and be there for them whenever they need extra support.  Here are just some of the ways you can support your loved one when they enroll in an alcohol rehab program:
  • Make healthy changes along with them and stop drinking or taking recreational drugs. Couples who work together to create a healthy lifestyle have an easier time staying committed to their recovery. 
  • Learn all you can about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and what it takes to recover successfully. Therapists can give you information about their specific symptoms and how you can help. 
  • Be patient and give them time to recover. Rushing them can cause a setback and potentially lead to a relapse and overdose. 
  • Create a stable and sober home so they can continue their recovery without any temptations or distractions near them. They will need a sober home to continue their recovery once they move from residential to outpatient treatment.
Enrolling in an alcohol addiction treatment center, is the safest way to recover from addiction with minimal risk of relapse. While clients work with a behavioral therapist, they will receive medication to minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings so they can focus 100% on their recovery. 

What to Expect After Enrolling in a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

When you first arrive at an alcohol rehab center, your physical and mental health will be assessed. This is done to place you in the appropriate program for the severity of the addiction. Those who can’t control their drinking will begin treatment through a residential treatment program. Here are some of the programs and treatments that you can expect during an addiction treatment program:
  • A behavioral therapist works closely with clients to develop a close connection with each one to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication. Once this is established, they will begin diving into the cause behind the addiction and use various techniques to help them process their feelings without triggering negative behavior or desire for more alcohol. Some available treatment options include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing.
  • During group therapy, clients will practice coping skills with their peers in a supervised setting while learning how to communicate with others about their feelings. Some group activities include games to improve coping and communication skills, nature hikes, creative writing, animal-assisted therapy, meditation, yoga, and other holistic programs.
  • Medical support is available to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Staff will administer medication to clients and monitor them for any adverse reactions. They will adjust the dosage throughout the program to ease any negative symptoms until medication is no longer necessary. Most clients will be 100% drug-free by the end of their treatment program. 
An alcohol rehab program, offers a safer means of detoxing from alcohol with minimal risk of relapse due to withdrawals and cravings. In cases of long-term abuse, alcohol withdrawals can be fatal if not properly treated with medication and behavioral therapy. 

Support Your Loved One Through an Alcohol Rehab Program

An alcohol addiction treatment program supports individuals and their families during the recovery process for as long as it takes. Addiction is a multi-faceted illness with multiple causes that creates self-destructive habits and powerful cravings that force individuals to continue the abuse, even if they want to quit. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, call today to discover all of the benefits of enrolling in an accredited alcohol rehab center.