When people suffer from drug abuse, they aren’t always open to the idea of getting help. An intervention is sometimes the best option when it comes to helping them see that they need rehab. Although interventions aren’t 100% successful, studies show that early intervention increases the chances of success.

What Is an Early Intervention?

Early intervention is one that takes place during the early stages of addiction. Since many people try drugs at a young age, they usually associate an early intervention with young adults. However, an intervention can work for anyone who has recently developed an addiction.

Do Interventions Work?

Yes, interventions can really work. However, it’s hard to give a definitive answer because they don’t work for everyone. Some people simply refuse to see that there’s a problem. It can take multiple interventions before they agree to get help. Despite that, early intervention is more likely to work than interventions that occur in the later stages of addiction. The longer that people struggle with addiction, the less likely that they are to want help. In some cases, they’re too scared to ask for help, and an intervention gives them a safe way to ask. Other times, they don’t know how to live without drugs and fear what will happen when they stop using.

The Stages of Intervention

There are three main stages of an intervention, and they’re all very important. Planning is the first stage. During this stage, loved ones and friends can meet with an intervention expert. Together, they decide who takes part in the intervention and what each person will say. The next stage is the execution of the intervention. Properly executing an intervention takes finesse and patience. Loved ones have to get the substance abuser to sit down and listen to what they have to say. The goal is to get the individual to agree to enter a drug rehab Tampa Florida. Most people overlook the last stage, which is the follow-up phase. It happens when people refuse to enter rehab or seek treatment. During this phase, loved ones follow up with the consequences that they put in place during the execution phase. For example, friends and family can stop enabling destructive behavior or cut communication altogether.

Do People Need Professional Help to Hold an Intervention?

Whether loved ones hold an early intervention or not, professional help is a must. It’s a very delicate step in helping people see that they have a problem. It’s very easy for things to go south during an intervention. When they do, it’s nice to have a professional to lead the way. Intervention experts plan and lead the conversations during interventions. They make it easier for loved ones to focus on what they to say. They also keep interventions from turning into shouting matches. At  Tampa Florida Addiction Treatment Center, we strongly believe in early intervention. The sooner that you agree to get help, the more successful that rehab will be. We offer many addiction recovery services to help you overcome addiction, including: