Alcohol Addiction
When you struggle with a drinking problem, alcohol abuse disorder, or alcoholism, it can make it hard to maintain healthy relationships, employment, and optimal health. Although alcohol carries the risk of addiction, it remains popular in the United States. Alcohol addiction treatment program benefits include alleviating and reducing withdrawal symptoms, which makes your detox process safe and more comfortable when wondering “where can I find an alcohol rehab center near me? Alcohol contains ethanol, which is the active ingredient that produces the intoxicating effects you experience while drunk. Consuming too much alcohol at one time can cause ethanol poisoning. This is one of the risks of binge drinking and abusing alcohol. Another risk of abusing alcohol is developing a physical or psychological dependence. When you become physically addicted to alcohol, you can experience serious withdrawal symptoms which make it hard to remain sober.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol is a neurotransmitter inhibitor that forces your brain to release more pleasurable neurotransmitters than it should. The positive effects you experience during intoxication are a result of a sudden rush of neurotransmitters that cause your brain to connect alcohol with pleasure. Your liver is capable of filtering one serving of alcohol every 90 minutes, which makes consuming large amounts of alcohol dangerous. Alcohol intoxication can cause feelings of euphoria and relaxation but in large amounts can cause anger, irritability, and lowered inhibitions. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause blackouts and memory loss. Because alcohol impairs your judgment and coordination, abusing alcohol can increase conflict with others, as you are more likely to engage in arguments and altercations when drunk. Since alcoholism leads to significant changes to your brain chemistry and significant neurotransmitter imbalances, abusing alcohol can aggravate underlying mental health disorders. Some common signs and symptoms of alcoholism can include:
  • Drinking as soon as you wake up
  • Showing up to work or school drunk or hungover
  • Increasing the amount you drink as your tolerance builds
  • Regretting things you say or do while drunk
  • Having friends or loved ones confront you about your drinking
Symptoms will continue to become more severe until you receive treatment. An alcohol addiction treatment center ensures that you have the support, tools, and understanding you need to achieve sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Benefits

Admitting that you may need to seek alcohol addiction treatment is a sign that you may have lost control of your drinking. Substance abuse treatment programs specialize in teaching you how to manage symptoms and remain sober so you can successfully recover from alcoholism. Alcohol addiction treatment program benefits include helping you learn how to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding how negative thinking patterns are connected with your emotions and actions improves your ability to remain sober and handle triggers. Increased recovery rates and reduced relapse rates are two other alcohol addiction treatment program benefits, as programs teach you how to cope with triggers and cravings. An alcohol addiction treatment center program can offer: Although alcohol addiction treatment program benefits are well-established, most people struggling with alcoholism don’t get help. However, completing treatment is the best way you can improve your chances of maintaining lasting sobriety.

Finding an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Today

When drinking controls your life, you can feel lost, alone, and hopeless. Alcoholism can damage your relationships, health, and quality of life. This makes it essential to reach out to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment program benefits and to get on the path to recovery today.  Addiction does not have to control your life forever.